👋 Hi, I'm Joe.

I'm a software engineer, mountain biker, golfer, snowboarder, photographer, gamer, sports fan, and denizen of the internet (among other things). Here's a bit of what I'm up to.

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T̶w̶e̶e̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ Tooting from the public version of @ivory by @tapbots.

Direct link while App Store search propagates: apps.apple.com/us/app/ivory-fo

I’m sorry, but your web app will never be as good as a native app.

Exhibit a:

A screenshot showing a warning that the Figma web app has used 63.4% of the available memory.

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My 2023 Theme

I’ve been through this “new year” thing a few times. Not as many as some, but more than others. The last few years I’ve gravitated toward “themes” instead of listing a bunch of unrelated goals/wishes. That way when I list out any specific goals, it becomes more about listing actionable steps to support a singular goal instead of a bunch of things I need to keep in my head throughout the year.

My theme this year is “Consistently Show Up”.

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Notes on 'Notes on Roadtrips'

What an outstanding piece of writing. I felt like I was riding alongside @joshm in the back seat of the Chevy Tahoe as I was reading it.

So many of the points and asides resonate with me. It’s as if Josh plucked the thoughts and feelings right out of my head and wrote about them for the world to read. I won’t begin quoting them because I will never be able to stop. The entire thing is wonderful and well worth the time.

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Apple Watch Ultra First Impressions

I got the Apple Watch Ultra and if I could sum up my first impressions in one word, it’d be: awesome.

The larger and brighter screen, the titanium case, the nice knobby crown, the new alpine band, the increased battery life, the dual-band GPS… I could go on and on. I was already in love with the potential of the Apple Watch platform as battery tech gets better, and this Watch furthers that love. I am enjoying every day with this iteration, and I’m extremely excited for what future iterations bring!

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Bullet Train
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Everything Everywhere All at Once

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