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I'm a software engineer, mountain biker, golfer, snowboarder, photographer, gamer, sports fan, and denizen of the internet (among other things).

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Everyone’s talking about the battery percentage indicator on the iOS 16 beta, but that’s only because you haven’t turned on the keyboard haptics. (Under Sounds & Haptics, not Keyboard)

Yes Android users, I’m aware you’ve had that for years, no need to @ me.

Can we all admit that without YouTubers pointing out the “defects” in Tesla’s manufacturing, most of the issues would go unnoticed. None of us ever checked panel gaps or paint depth on our Fords, Hondas, or Toyotas.

Disclaimer: I own shares of $TSLA & $F commonstock.com/jmc

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The Pirate Life

I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from Steve Jobs recently. One quote that’s been bouncing around my head quite a bit is this one from 1983: “It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.”

I’m sure there were many meanings tucked away inside that simple phrase, but the story I’ve seen attributed to Andy Hertzfeld (who was at Apple in 1983) centers around resisting the bureaucratic nonsense that was increasing in the Mac group at Apple as they were growing. Don’t give up your scrappy, win-at-all-costs, counter-culture identity just to conform to “the system”.

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Meet Dutch Dutch is a 9-week old Blue Merle Goldendoodle, a frequent member of the “good dog” club, and lover of fetch. He’s named after our favorite coffee chain, Dutch Bros. Coffee and as a nod to Dutch Formula 1 driver (and defending world champion), Max Verstappen. He’s the newest member of the family, and we love him so much!
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