👋 hi, i'm joe.

I'm a software engineer, mountain biker, golfer, snowboarder, photographer, gamer, sports fan, and denizen of the internet (among other things). Here's a bit of what I'm up to.

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oh also on Vision Pro:

i wrote about this on my blog, but now that i have the device in my hands i feel validated… reviewers that judged this device based on some future ideal version of the device? lame. judge the device on what it is, based on today.

a lot of reviews’ subtext was: “this is nowhere close to where the device will be in a few years”. you think?

this first gen is awesome, and future gens will be even better. that’s how things work. josephmclaughl.in/notes/2024/0

Vision Pro day one was awesome. I have one main question: multi-user support when?

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15" MacBook Air

I side-graded my 2021 16" MacBook Pro to the 15" MacBook Air. I’ve been doing a bit more travel lately, and I’m getting tired of lugging the bigger 16" beast around with me. The smaller machine is a tradeoff in a few areas compared to the Pro, but it shaves 1.4lbs (0.59kg) of weight off, is significantly thinner, and slightly smaller.

I haven’t had the opportunity to take a trip with it yet, but in some trial runs throwing it in my backpack, the difference is already feeling nice.

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My Home Office (2023)

It’s been about a year and a half since I wrote my last home office post and while much of it has stayed the same, I’ve updated and moved things around quite a bit and felt it was time to write about my current setup and share some new pictures.

I’ve been working remotely since mid-2016 – now in my eighth year. The majority of that time I was working for Bleacher Report/Turner Sports, then remotely for Apple before joining a startup named Commonstock. After a little over a year at Commonstock, we were acquired by Yahoo where I now work as a principal software engineer on the Yahoo Finance iOS app.

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The Beekeeper
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Godzilla Minus One

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